by Doomtrooper

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2013 Demo



With one word of control
(I’m fucking sick of your face)
All feelings subside to these words that you use for your abuse
(I’m fucking sick of you all)
Is all you can scream
Just wait until you see
I fucking hate you, too
And now you will see, what true hate means
When it’s cooked down and slammed
Running through these veins once pure
And it can’t be stopped
Because hatred begets hatred
And now is our time
To decide to
Sit silently in tolerance
Or hate right back
I know there’s evil hiding inside
The words that you use only justify the hatred in myself
I can’t shake these thoughts of disgust
For you- for my apathy- and it can’t pass
(So save your sorrys for someone who gives a shit)
These few words that control
Are the only things you know
To persecute everybody here
Against you, and him, and her, and me
We stand alone with no one to blame but ourselves


released March 20, 2013




Doomtrooper Reno, Nevada

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