How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb -- (demo)

by Doomtrooper

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Single off 2013 self-titled demo^^^ NAME YOUR PRICE MEANS FREE!!!^^^


When the wire slips, you kill them
The good die young
Inheriting a world from deadbeat benefactors
Who know we’re fucked
We micromanage every moment of our lives
Hoping to distract so we never realize,
We’re being crushed under the weight of this whole mess
And no one seems to care there will be nothing left
This wave of hate is rising, this web of shit has thickened
And no one seems to apply what they’ve learned
It’s going to blow up fast; we’re going to go down quick,
Nothing to do but sit and watch the fucker burn
Everything was beautiful
Nothing hurt (when the world died)
No more faking decency
While they just want to watch you bleed
When I woke up
When the bombs fell
I fell in love with our demis
A welcome end
A positive change
To a world I’ve grown to despise
And I am resolute
In my determination
I won’t hold back my laughter at the devestation
I swear to God
This meant the whole world to me
It’s so far gone
We’re killing everything
We live in savage, vengeful bitterness
Sickened by my surroundings
It’s stifling
You pack the matches (X2)
I’ll bring the gasoline
Six feet and we’ll be free
From our evil existence
You pack the matches
I’ll bring the gasoline


released March 1, 2013




Doomtrooper Reno, Nevada

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